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A Dance with Death :iconeragonjedigirl357:EragonJediGirl357 2 8
Big Hero 6 - 'Immortals' interpretation
I’ve seen a theory online that interprets the song “Immortals” from Big Hero 6 as Tadashi’s spirit talking to Hiro after Tadashi’s death. While I find the theory interesting, after reading it, I actually started hearing the opposite—as Hiro, during and after the events of the movie, talking to Tadashi. Here’s how it applies:
They say we are what we are, but we don't have to be.     Hiro is more than a bot fighter, Baymax is more than just a healthacre robot, and Tadashi and his friends are more than just "nerds." 
I'm bad behavior but I do it in the best way.     Hiro acts out and breaks rules, but his intentions are (usually) good, and he's becoming a hero.
I'll be the watcher (watcher) of the eternal flame.     Can be a reference to both the fire that killed Tadashi and Hiro continuing on/making his friends heroes in memory of Tadahsi.
I'll be the g
:iconeragonjedigirl357:EragonJediGirl357 7 3
An Easter Miracle [Winter Soldier one-shot]
Steve had found Bucky on April 5th.
Natasha had convinced Tony to help in the hunt for Bucky, and he had done so by connecting to every camera that he could and running a facial-recognition program, a trick he'd picked up from SHIELD. Less than 24 hours later, Bucky's face was matched to a feed from a security camera at the Smithsonian Air and Space museum.
Steve was at the museum 5 minutes after he got Tony's call.
He'd taken a car rather than his motorcycle, wanting to be able to take Bucky home safely. He needed to regain his old friend's trust, and he doubted that it would help if he drove Bucky home on the back of a small vehicle built for one that offered none of the protection of a car. Steve was confident in his abilities, but there was no reason to take stupid risks—or frighten Bucky any more than he must be already.
He parked across the street from the Smithsonian and waited for Bucky to come out. Steve spotted him easily, despite the baseball cap pulled low to conceal
:iconeragonjedigirl357:EragonJediGirl357 24 31
Loki Month: Loki's Army! (lyrics)
SPOILER WARNING: Contains spoilers for The Avenger and both Thor movies.

In 2011 a brand new film was released
About the hero Thor--well in name at least
The movie's biggest star was another
It was the tragic one, the one who made us all cry
With what he learns, you have to feel bad for the guy
He only wants approval, like his brother
Yeah! Just one film and he's drawing fans like flies!
The poor guy! Wins nothing at all
We cry! We're watching him fall
Goodbye! It's the end of it all
But watch the tag, and you'll know Loki's alive!
The next film was Avengers, and the heroes all had
To team up against Loki, now the new big bad
It doesn't hurt that fangirls like a bad boy
We all still cared about him, and not just cause he's hot
Tom Hiddleston's acing skills help a lot
He makes Loki so real in tragedy and joy
Yeah! One more film and we know he can't be gone
The "bad guy" was the best of them all
We'd fly to his aid at his call
Goodbye! But we're standing tall
That army ma
:iconeragonjedigirl357:EragonJediGirl357 4 3
Burdened with a Glorious Christmas (Loki x OC)
It was Christmas morning. Anne was home from college for the holiday, and now she, her parents, her little sisters Georgie and Reba, and her friend Lydia were all enjoying their presents. Georgie and Reba were playing with their new toys, Anne was carefully un-boxing her new laptop, Lydia was downloading apps onto her newly activated smartphone, and Anne’s parents were poring over a book of fabulous nature photos.
“Hey, Anne!”
Anne looked up from her laptop in mild irritation, expecting Reba to demand that Anne play with her. Instead, Reba was pushing a green-wrapped box towards Anne.
“It’s for you, Anne. From Lydia.”
Anne blinked and smiled in surprise. “Oh, Lydia, you didn’t have to get me anything!”
Lydia only laughed. She worked in the film industry—though not on-screen—and had invited Anne to a post-Christmas party that would have many celebrity guests. Anne had considered the invitation her present.
“Go on, o
:iconeragonjedigirl357:EragonJediGirl357 8 16
Tiny newborn red-furred cub
Flickering flame upon his tail
Father, proud, nuzzles his son
“I promise I will protect you.”
Cub grows larger, learns to speak
Jump and play and growl and fight
Listens to his father’s tales
“I promise I will protect you.”
A foreign tribe on the attack
Father leaps and runs away
Leaves behind his son and mate
“You promised you would protect me.”
Time goes on, the world changes
Son captured by men in suits
Other humans set him free
You promised you would protect me
Fighting beside his new friends
Bravery, honor are his code
Never once does he back down
You promised you would protect me
Coming home, he feels no joy
Here his father ran away
Traitor, coward, abandoner
You promised you would protect me
Entering the haunted caves
Fighting undead foes of old
Even hate-filled spirit falls
You promised you would protect me
Then he sees his father there
Standing tall and still as stone
:iconeragonjedigirl357:EragonJediGirl357 2 4
Loki's Army Flag by EragonJediGirl357 Loki's Army Flag :iconeragonjedigirl357:EragonJediGirl357 9 11
[Thor 2] Howl at the Sky
Major, MAJOR spoilers!
SO MANY spoilers SO BIG that they will absolutely RUIN the movie for you if you haven't seen it yet!

... Still here? All right then.
Without further ado, I present "Howl at the Sky"
I'm running late, I'm running late, I'm running late...
How, how how HOW, can a girl like her be running late for Thor: The Dark World?
She parks, shuts off the car, and runs through the parking lot. Brown, low-heeled leather boots that reach a few inches past her ankle slap against the pavement. Black leggings provide the warmth her shorter-than-knee-length black skirt would not. A long-sleeved, patterned green t-shirt is visible under the short-sleeved, loose-fitting, see-through black sweater. Gold glints from her earrings and the bracelet on her left wrist. The long green scarf draped across the front of her neck and down her back streams behind her like Loki's
:iconeragonjedigirl357:EragonJediGirl357 1 17
My Dream School Teachers by EragonJediGirl357 My Dream School Teachers :iconeragonjedigirl357:EragonJediGirl357 17 24
Let Them Take You Home
Sink into your mother's arms
The one who gave you life
Let her take away your pain
And lead you to the light
Let her take you in her arms
Let her take you home...
Let her take you home
Let her take you home...
Thank her for the gifts she gave of flesh and blood and bone
Sink into your lover's arms
The one who held your heart
Let her warmth relight the love
That burned across the stars
Let her take you in her arms
Let her take you home...
Let her take you home
Let her take you home...
Tell her of the lights she bore, your daughter, son, her own
Sink into your mother's arms...
Sink into your lover's arms...
Sink into your students' arms
The two you taught to fight
He you trained to wield the dark
And she to wield the light
Let them take you in their arms
Let them take you home...
Let them take you home
Let them take you home...
Trust yourself to they who bear two hearts so like your own
Sink into your mother's arms...
Sink into your lover's arms...
Sink into your students' arms...
Sink i
:iconeragonjedigirl357:EragonJediGirl357 4 5
WDW-Young Padawan by EragonJediGirl357 WDW-Young Padawan :iconeragonjedigirl357:EragonJediGirl357 4 1 WDW-Trio in White by EragonJediGirl357 WDW-Trio in White :iconeragonjedigirl357:EragonJediGirl357 0 0 WDW-Tatooine Rendezvous by EragonJediGirl357 WDW-Tatooine Rendezvous :iconeragonjedigirl357:EragonJediGirl357 0 0 WDW-Oh Blast it by EragonJediGirl357 WDW-Oh Blast it :iconeragonjedigirl357:EragonJediGirl357 0 3 WDW-Muren on Tatooine by EragonJediGirl357 WDW-Muren on Tatooine :iconeragonjedigirl357:EragonJediGirl357 1 5 WDW-Looking Across the Dune Sea by EragonJediGirl357 WDW-Looking Across the Dune Sea :iconeragonjedigirl357:EragonJediGirl357 0 0


Anakin and Ahsoka by Renny08 Anakin and Ahsoka :iconrenny08:Renny08 750 113 Shinra Lobby by 10ki Shinra Lobby :icon10ki:10ki 14 2 DS-KH - Welcome by JointOperation DS-KH - Welcome :iconjointoperation:JointOperation 36 5 The Legend by Shadica1stClass The Legend :iconshadica1stclass:Shadica1stClass 15 5 Moeru by StarlightParade Moeru :iconstarlightparade:StarlightParade 2 5 Preserved In Memory by JointOperation Preserved In Memory :iconjointoperation:JointOperation 19 2 Untitled by 10ki Untitled :icon10ki:10ki 5 0 Pokemon Go Team Harmony Motto by OtakuDragon-RedWolf Pokemon Go Team Harmony Motto :iconotakudragon-redwolf:OtakuDragon-RedWolf 1,355 94 Summer Paradise by Web5teR Summer Paradise :iconweb5ter:Web5teR 510 59 Death Tod by fisshyyee Death Tod :iconfisshyyee:fisshyyee 2 2 I rebel by ThomasBlack1 I rebel :iconthomasblack1:ThomasBlack1 31 29 beauty and the beast acrylic commission by nebezial beauty and the beast acrylic commission :iconnebezial:nebezial 11,626 409 Dragon pendants by AlviaAlcedo Dragon pendants :iconalviaalcedo:AlviaAlcedo 978 38


United States
Favourite genre of music: Eclectic
Favourite style of art: Acting and writing
Favourite cartoon character: William Dunbar form Code Lyoko
Personal Quote: "Believe in dreams. They are the key."
Might be real, might be fake, but better safe than sorry.

There is a hacker by the name of MeganTruff going around sending this mysterious note, it's not a note you get for commissions, requests, personal messages, etc., Here's what the note says: "Hey! I'm messaging you to ask for your permission to feature one of your works in AllArt4Ever's upcoming monthly list of featured atrists (i.e. artists to look for). Clap Awaiting your reply.
Also, participate in our contest to win a 12 month PM by installing the app and posting a screenshot. :-D…
Its a result of a collaborative effort of our group's moderators.
With love,
Megan Truff (MeganTruff)"
So if you guys received any of this "NOTE" please do not believe it. This is serious guys, If you get this note, BLOCK THE PERSON WHO SENT IT TO YOU. Spread the word in your journals so that your watchers are aware of the situation. Thank you very much.
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